What is the EMXN Membership?

It's a shared passion between riders and track owners.

At EMXN, we have a passion for the sport of motocross. The smell of race fuel, the sing of a two-stroke, the rev of the starting line after the play of the national anthem- it's what we live and die for. We're working hard to help tracks make it easy for riders and racers to register for various events. We have lots of plans for the future of EMXN but it will take time to make strides. One step at a time and we'll get there. It's time for us all to network and become one and grow EMXN into it's potential. It's time for you to join the Eastern Motocross Network.

Eastern Motocross Network

How It's Done In 4 Steps

  • STEP 1: Create an EMXN account
  • STEP 2: Add riders to your account
    • Family accounts need to add each family member
    • Team owner accounts need to add each sponsored rider
    • Individual rider accounts need to add themselves as a rider
  • STEP 3: Register riders for events
  • STEP 4: At the event, check-in at sign up

How To Create An Account